What is happening with the 650 Y staff?

Thanks to member dues we were able to support all staff and their families with paychecks on April 3 and April 17th. As of April 13th, they will be furloughed, but the YMCA will continue to pay for benefits as if they were working including our self-insured portion of unemployment. 

If the Y is closed and staff are furloughed why do you need financial support?

We have fixed monthly costs that continue to come in (insurance, utilities, unemployment benefits (we are self-insured) that we still have to pay. We also have thirteen staff deemed critical to manage the administration of memberships, program credits/refunds and eventual registration, five buildings and grounds, finance, HR, IT, communications, philanthropy and to continue to plan for opening for summer Camp TOGA for 300+ children. Our current financial forecast calls for a deficit this year and to burn through our reserves before having to tap into our bank line of credit.

Is my donation tax deductible?

As a non-profit local charity it always has been eligible. However, that has been enhanced with the CARES Act taxpayers can now deduct up to $300 in charitable donations from their taxable income for donations made in 2020!

What will you use my dues for if I click on “Sustaining Member”?

We will use it to pay our continued expenses noted above so we can open our five fitness-based locations and our ten-school based child care locations when the governor lifts the closed order. We have also been able to cover opening our building to the American Red Cross for multiple critical blood drives and to Shelters of Saratoga for client needs they continue to have during this difficult time. We have provided online fitness classes, reached out to seniors and stand at the ready if authorities call upon us to offer emergency child care or any other needs the community has for that matter.

What will you use my payment for if I click on “Donation”?

We have always provided for financial assistance on membership and programs for those who cannot afford the full fee by raising charitable dollars. This is separate from the fee for service membership dues charged monthly. This financial assistance increased from $400,000 to $600,000 last year and with the devastating financial impact COVID-19 has had we anticipate the need for community support will be higher than ever. Your donation will insure we won’t have to turn anyone away!

Did the YMCA benefit from the Federal Stimulus?

As a “large” nonprofit charitable employer we are not eligible for SBA or PPP funding unfortunately. We will receive some limited funds for keeping our staff on payroll for four weeks. The CARES Act provides the most benefit through enhanced Unemployment benefits (up to $600/wk federal plus state funds) our furloughed staff will receive. 

When do you plan to reopen?

When the governor lifts his order for us to be closed. 

Are you offering virtual workouts while the Y is closed?

Yes. You can access them by visiting or following us on Facebook.

Will there be a Spring 2 program session?

We will be making a decision on Spring 2 programs on Monday, April 20.

Will I be refunded for the weeks of Spring 1 we missed?

Yes. You will receive a five week credit on your YMCA account.

When is B.A.S.E. (Before and After School Care) registration?

Registration for currently enrolled and waitlisted families begins on Tuesday, April 28th. All others may register beginning Tuesday, May 5th. Please contact Maureen Fay, Assistant Childcare Program Director, at

Will there be camp this summer?

We remain hopeful that we will be able to provide camp as scheduled, however, we are evaluating options about how we can move forward safely. Registration is open!

If camp is canceled, will I be issued a refund?


Will I continue to be charged for eGym?

No. If your membership is on hold, so is your eGym fee. eGym fees will resume when the Y reopens.

Who makes these important decisions on behalf of the YMCA?

A CEO lead and staff driven COVID Response Team makes recommendations to the Executive Committee and sixteen-member Board of Directors as it relates to staffing, dues and larger matters. These volunteers donate their time, treasure and talent to support our broad and deep community impact and have followed hundreds of others since our opening in 1866 as a local charitable organization. We are grateful during this difficult time for them professionally that they have taken so much time to support our efforts and to ensure that we are making the best decision possible for your YMCA and our community.

For questions not answered above please reach out to our CEO, Andrew Bobbitt, who will get back to you with a very timely response.