eGYM Premium


$15/mth per person
$45/mth per family

Financial Assistance Is Available

What is included in eGYM Premium?

Full access to eGym Training plans including eGym specific training methods. You'll also have access to 7 unique training modes for personal goal setting:

  • Athletic Mode – Focus on improving performance through development of speed and power.
  • Muscle Building Mode – Heavier resistance at slow movement speeds to maximize muscle growth.
  • General Fitness Mode – Varied training methods to deliver a wide range of fitness benefits.
  • Body Toning Mode – Combination of muscle endurance and muscle growth methods to enhance body tone.
  • Weight Loss Mode – Intense strength endurance training to maximize calorie consumption and increase metabolism.
  • Rehab Fit Mode – Slow corrective exercise movements to regain functional capacity.
  • Metabolic Fit Mode – Gently increase muscle endurance training for the regulation of blood sugar levels.

A one time orientation with an ePT Specialist to familiarize yourself with equipment, protocols, and App tracking.

  • Intensity level chosen at time of Goal Selection (Low, Medium, High)
  • Overview of 2 Additional Training Methods (Explonic and Adaptive)
  • Overview of obtaining access to muscle imbalance determination and improvement statistics and biological age determination and improvements statistics through the eGym Application.
  • Overview of automated strength test that occurs every 6 sessions on eGym equipment to see quantified improvements over short periods of time.  This allows you the opportunity to see results quicker than any other training plan.

45 minute monthly meeting with an ePT Specialist to:

  • Evaluate strength test results and progress towards achieving goals.
  • Offer general nutrition guidance focused on how to make better choices in your daily routine.
  • Evaluate MyZone fitness activity with guidance and input on training plans to help you meet your goals.
  • Continual accountability on a case by case basis based off of performance and usage.

Continual accountability based on performance and usage.

Get Started Today!

  1. Schedule aneGym orientation appointment
    (at the Saratoga Springs branch member service desk) 
  2. Select the plan that best suits you and your goals 
  3. Download the free eGym Fitness App
  4. Check in with a personal trainer
  5. Refine your training methods
  6. See real results

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