Malta Summer Enrichment Programs

(Kindergarten – 5th Grade)

Enrich your child’s summer with this exciting school age program that has a different theme each week.  Each week will include theme-based activities and outside time weather permitting. One day each week there will be a local outreach program that will do a lesson and activity based on that week’s theme. The 1:10 ratio ensures a safe and fun learning environment for you child(ren). Register for a single week or any combination of week to suit your needs and child’s interest. All program fees are due upon registration. Program runs Tuesday-Thursday from 1:00pm – 4:00pm with a maximum group size of 20. For questions or help registering contact Kate Therrien at


Member Rate:  $170

Non-Member Rate:  $210


Week 1:

July 9th – 11th


The Children’s Museum will introduce us to the world of engineering. We will begin to problem solve like an engineer would to design a solution to a major dilemma and help save the day! What other everyday problems can we see that need a new solution for? Let’s find out!


Week 2:

July 16th – 18th

Space Week

MiSci will be here teaching us about the phases of the moon. We will learn why it is so bright, how it controls the tides on Earth and what is happening to our moon. We will explore the sun and find out why we need to protect ourselves from it and what we can use for protection as well as the rest of the planets in our solar system.


Week 3:

July 23rd – 25th

Gardening/Agriculture Week

What are all the different parts of plant called? How do we get grass from such a small seed? What is the purpose of flowers and plants aside from them being pleasing to the eye? These are just a few of the questions we will explore this week. Wilton Wildlife will come in and show us how to create a forest in a jar!


Week 4:

July 30th – August 1st

Wild Life Week

What kind of animal was found at the time of the dinosaurs and is still found today? Wilton Wildlife will be here to show us what that animal is! They will teach us about vertebrate and reptile characteristics specifically turtles and what turtles we can find here in our area. There are many cool animals that live right here on our campus and we are going to explore the outdoors and see how many different types of wildlife we can spot.


Week 5:

August 6th – 8th

Get Moving Week

Each day we will explore a new way to move our bodies and get some exercise. All classes will be tailored to children and will include a dance class, yoga for kids, and a kid’s style boot camp. We will talk about the importance of exercise and how it helps our bodies both physically and mentally.


Week 6:

August 13th – 15th

Cooking/Nutrition Week

Want a healthy snack that your kids can make on their own? This week we will learn about making healthy choices and what types of things they can get for themselves. We will talk about what nutrition is and why it is important for our minds and bodies. There are even some flavor combinations you may have never thought to try and we will explore those different combinations.