Child Care

dark haired preschool teacher pointing at large wall calendar in front of class full of mix gendered students

With so many demands on today’s families, parents need all the support they can get.

That’s why child care at the Saratoga Regional YMCA is about more than just supervising children. It’s about nurturing their development by providing a safe place to learn foundational skills, develop healthy and trusting relationships, and build self-reliance.

No matter the age or needs of your child, we can help you care for them in a way that sets them up for success in life.

We offer full-day daycare, preschool, early-learning readiness, and before-and-after-school programs for each stage of your child’s development and more. Our trained child-care professionals give every child the safety and structure they need to flourish, including children with special needs and concerns.

We Offer:

With all these great programs, it's no wonder the Saratoga Regional YMCA leads the area in providing safe, affordable programs for children to keep them active, engaged and learning.

For a full listing of childcare programs, please visit our program guide.






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