Spring 2 Programs at the Saratoga Springs Branch

Aquatics Programs:

YMCA swim lessons are more than stroke development. It’s a child centered approach, where children learn to have a life-long love for swimming. The children gain confidence, self-esteem and make new friends while developing listening and social skills. Children are taught in skill appropriate groups and progress at their own pace.

Members Only. Fee range; $35-$240

Parent Child Swim Lessons (3months - 3 years)

These classes promote aquatic enrichment and readiness while promoting parental education, safety and fun.

Stage A/B (6-36 months) Parents accompany their child in the pool.

  • Max. 5 children
  • Friday, 4:15-4:55 pm; 5:00-5:40pm
  • Saturday, 9:45-10:25 am; 10:30-11:10am

Youth Swim Lessons (6 + years)

Children in the YMCA youth swim lessons continue to develop personal growth, improve swim strokes and endurance, while progressing at their own pace and gaining confidence along the way. 

Stage 3 (6-12 years)  

For children who can roll from front to back while swimming, front & back float, submerge and swim 25 yards independently.

  • Max. 5 children
  • Friday, 5:00-5:40pm; 5:50 pm-6:30pm
  • Saturday, 9:00-9:40am; 10:30-11:10am
  • Swim evaluation and goggles are required.

Stage 4 (6-12 years)

For children who can swim on front and back without flotation for 25 yards and jump and submerge independently.

  • Max. 5 children
  • Friday, 5:50-6:30pm
  • Saturday, 9:00-9:40 am; 9:45-10:25am
  • Swim evaluation and goggles are required.

Stage 5/6 (7-12 years)

For children who can swim front crawl with rotary breathing and back crawl 50 yards and elementary backstroke and breast stroke 25 yards..

  • Max. 5 children
  • Saturday, 10:30-11:10am
  • Swim evaluation and goggles are required.

Due to covid restrictions and safety concerns as well as the needed requirement for instructor to child close physical interaction, we are unable to offer swim lessons for 4 and 5 years old.  However, we are offering private swim lessons for these age groups with parents in the pool with the child. For more information on these and how to book, please contact stingrays@srymca.org or 518-583-9622 ext. 125. 

Swim Team

Swim Team is about learning skills, developing character and making friends. Children become a team, as they learn how to be more independent and yet work as a group. Swim team helps teach self-reliance and develops attitudes and practices that build character and leadership, all while having fun.

STINGRAYS SWIM TEAM  SPRING 2  TRAINING (6+ years)-2 Day $180.00; 3 Day $240.00

Swim Team is currently doing training only. In order to participate swimmers MUST be a member of The Saratoga Regional YMCA AND have participated previously on a competitive swim team.  The session will run for 7 weeks, April 26 thru June 13, 2021.  We offer a 2 day and 3 day a week option.  All inquiries and NEW sign ups for the 3 day a week option you must have prior approval from the head coach Julie Nolan nolancelia@aol.com.

Spring 2 Swim Team

  • Group 1- Sunday (7:30pm), Tuesday (7:30pm), Thursday (6:30pm)
  • Group 2-Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 7:30pm
  • Group 3-Sunday, Tuesday 6:30pm
  • Group 4- Monday, Wednesday 6:30pm

Adult Beginner/Intermediate Swim Instruction (16+ years)

This class is for adults who are beginners or who can swim but want to learn strokes. Bring goggles and swim cap to class.

  • Tuesday 9-9:45am;Thursday, 9-9:45am
  • Member: $70


A great low impact, cardiovascular workout that includes body toning exercise. A great way to get in shape while having fun in the shallow and deep ends of the pool. No swimming skills required. $35-$65; Members Only. 

Shallow Water Workout

  • Monday and Wednesday 11:20- 12:00pm

Combo Shallow/Deep Water Workout

  • Tuesday and Thursday 11:20-12:00pm
  • Wednesdays and Friday 9:05 - 9:45am

Deep Water Workout

  • Wednesday and Friday 1:20- 2:00pm

AQUA ZUMBA (14+ years) 

An easy to follow, calorie-burning fitness class that makes working out in the pool a splash! This fun, up-beat class integrates stretching, body-toning and cardio-conditioning using the resistance of water.

  • Sundays 11:15-12:00pm 


An aquatic exercise class for individuals who have completed physical therapy and now want to move on to a low impact total body conditioning program. It combines aerobic, stretching and strengthening exercise that offers both comfort and challenge to participants of all fitness levels. Physician’s consent is required. $90; Members Only.

  • Tuesday and Thursday, 1:15-2:00pm


Health & Wellness Programs for Adults:

Women on Weights Level 1
Enjoy learning proper weight-lifting etiquette, technique and routine, while also quickly witnessing an increase in strength and a positive transformation to your body! This small group class is limited to 8 to maintain proper social distancing - which means even more dedicated one-on-one instruction for you! Mask are required.

  • Mondays 5:30-6:30pm
  • Wednesdays 9:00-10:00am
  • Saturdays 9:00-10:00am
  • Cost: $50

Women on Weights Level 2
A more advanced weight lifting experience is in store!  This course involves more of the nuances of weightlifting, including barbell and kettlebell training, as well as more advanced lifting movements such as barbell squats and deadlifts to make more dynamic strength training gains!

  • Wednesdays 5:30-6:30pm
  • Cost: $50

HIIT (High Intensity Interval) Boxing Ages 14+
"Punch" your ticket into this new 7-week program where you will learn basic boxing skills, hit the punch mitts and heavy bag, and work through a variety of strength, conditioning, and core workouts; all under the guidance of a certified boxing coach. This program is a great way to improve your cardiorespiratory conditioning, build full body strength, burn calories, learn self-defense, and tone the entire body while having fun in a team-oriented environment!

  • Mondays: 6:45-7:30pm
  • Tuesdays: 6:00-6:45pm
  • Wednesdays: 10:30-11:15am
  • Wednesdays: 6:45-7:30pm
  • Thursdays: 6:00-6:45pm
  • Saturdays: 10:00-10:45am
  • Saturdays: 11:00-11:45am
  • Cost: $50

Walk with Ease
The Saratoga Regional YMCA is proud to offer the Arthritis Foundation Walk with Ease Program. Walk with Ease is a six-week group exercise program that can reduce pain and improve overall health. Learn how to walk safely and comfortably, while improving your flexibility, strength, and stamina! If you can be on your feet for 10 minutes without increased pain, you can have success with Walk with Ease.

  • Mon, Wed, Fri: 1:00-2:00pm
  • Cost: Free for members; $20 for Non-members

Enhance®Fitness is a community-based senior fitness and arthritis management program. This 16-week program meets three times a week for a one-hour class. Each class is taught by a certified instructor and focuses on cardiovascular endurance, strength, flexibility, and balance.

  • Mon, Wed, Fri: 12:30pm – 1:30pm
  • Cost: $40 for members; $80 for non-members


Youth Sports & Youth/Teen Fitness Programs:

SOCCER  (Ages 3-4 years)

  • Saratoga Branch, Field
  • Thursday, 4:00-4:30pm, Saturday, 9:45-10:15am
  • Members $40/Non-Members $70

SOCCER (Ages 5 to 7 years old)

  • Saratoga Branch, Field
  • Thursday, 4:35-5:15pm, Saturday, 10:25-11:10am
  • Members $50/Non-Members $80

SOCCER (Ages 8 to 10 years old)

  • Saratoga Branch, Field
  • Thursday, 5:20-6:00pm
  • Members $50/Non-Members $80

T-BALL  (4-6 years)

  • Saratoga Branch, Field
  • Wednesday, 4:00-4:30pm,  Saturday, 11:30-12:00pm
  • Members $40/Non-Members $70

SOFTBALL(6 to 8 years old)

  • Saratoga Branch , Field
  • Wednesday 4:45 to 5:15pm
  • Members $50/Non-Member $80

LITTLE ROOKIES  (3-5 years) Parents encouraged to participate in the program with their child.

  • Saratoga Branch, Field
  • Saturday, 9:00-9:30am
  • Members $40/Non-Members $70


  • Saratoga Branch Gym
  • Wednesday, 6:00-6:40pm; Saturday 9:00-9:40am
  • Members $50/Non-members $70


  • Saratoga Branch Gym
  • Saturday 9:45-10:25am
  • Members $50/Non-members $70


  • Saratoga Branch Parking lot
  • Monday, 4-4:30pm
  • Members $40/Non-Members $70


  • Saratoga Branch Parking Lot
  • Monday, 4:40-5:20pm
  • Members  $50 / Non-Members $80


  • Tuesdays 4:15-5:00
  • Saturdays 12:10-12:50pm
  • Members $55 / Non-Members $85

Take your basketball player to the next level! This class provides each player with the skills and mental approach they will need to get a leg up on the competition. Emphasis will be placed on agility, the fundamentals of footwork, balance, lay ups using right and left hand, driving to the basket technics, reading the defense and vertical jumping.

  • 10-13 years; Tuesday 5:15-6:15pm
  • 14-17 years; Tuesday 6:30-7:30pm
  • Members $70 Non-Member $100


  • Saratoga Branch Field

  • Wednesday 4:15-5:15pm

  • Members $60 Non-Members $90

YOUTH ADVANCE VOLLEYBALL (12 to 16 years old)

  • Saratoga Branch Field
  • Wednesday 5:15 to 6:15pm
  • Members $60 Non-Members $90

TEEN ON WEIGHTS (Ages 14-18 years old)
Our Teens on Weights program is for teens ages 14-18. This program will teach proper form, technique, and the basics of program progression.  They will learn to use dumbbells, barbells, cable stations and other weight training equipment confidently and safely. After completing the course, teens will have the building blocks of exercise programs for whatever fitness path they choose.

  • Tuesdays & Thursdays (meets twice/week)
  • 3:30pm – 4:30pm
  • Cost: $80

YOUTH FIT BASICS (Ages 8-12 years old)
Participants learn how to identify basic muscle groups and are introduced to age appropriate bodyweight exercises, cardiovascular games, and proper use of other fitness equipment to make exercise fun and build self-confidence. Students will learn the basic building blocks of exercise to carry them into their teen years.  Also includes a demo of our eGym strength training circuit machines! 

  • Tuesdays
  • 5:00–5:45pm
  • Cost:$50

Participants learn correct form for exercise and building strength using a variety of equipment such as kettlebells and TRX suspension trainers. Participants will also participate in plyometric and basic drills to increase speed and agility for sport performance. An excellent course for young athletes or any teen looking to build and maintain a healthy lifestyle and get involved with weight training. Also includes a demo of our eGym strength training circuit machines

  • Thursdays
  • 5:00–5:45pm
  • Cost:$60

YOUTH BOXING (NEW!) (Ages: 9-13 years old)
Join our new Youth Boxing course that will teach kids to learn proper Boxing techniques, combinations and participate in age-appropriate strength and conditioning workouts to develop a solid exercise routine! 

*Must bring your own boxing gloves*

  • Tuesdays or Thursdays
  • 5:00-5:45pm
  • Cost:$40

Music, Dance, and Movement

MINI ACTIVE KIDS CLUB (2-3 years old)
Participants will experience a variety of games and activities in a small group setting to help get all their energy out! Parents are encouraged to participate.

  • Saratoga Branch Outside Field
  • Saturday, 10:00- 10:30am
  • Members $40/Non-Members $70

ROC-N-TOTS (18-5 years old)
This class offers an introduction to movement and music for growing minds and bodies, ages.

  • Saratoga Branch Outside Field
  • Wednesday, 11-11:30am
  • Members $40/ Non-Members $70

TINY TUTUS (3-5years old)
This class builds on the basics of ballet. Imaginative and creative movements are used to form a passion for dance. Ballet movements, positions, and combinations are explored. The fundamentals of rhythm are reinforced with listening and musical games.

  • Saratoga Multi Purpose Room
  • Tuesday 5:30-6:10pm, Saturday 10:10-10:55am; or Saturday, 11:05-11:50am
  • Member: $60. Program Member: $100

TWINKLE TOES (4-6 years old)
This class is two programs in one. Ballet fundamentals are improved, while establishing tap basics. Tap steps will develop balance and coordination. Creative movement is utilized to foster body awareness. Musical games and listening exercises help to increase rhythm.

  • Saratoga Springs Multi Purpose Room
  • Tuesday 6:15 to 7:00pm ,Saturday, 12:05-1:05pm
  • Member: $60. Program Member: $100

OUTDOOR STORY TIME (3-5 years old)
This class focuses on stories, fingerplays and art. After reading stories we will complete an art project.  Activities will be geared towards 3-5 year old's but all are welcome with parent participation.  All children who will participate, including siblings, must be registered. Parent supervision is required and participation may be needed for younger children.

  • Saratoga Spring Branch Pavilion
  • Saturday; 11:00-11:30am
  • Member $30 / Non-Member $50

Leadership Club

Today’s teens are tomorrow’s leaders. Leaders Club is a nationally-recognized core YMCA teen program that provides participants with opportunities for leadership training, personal growth, service to others, and social development. Teens (8th through 12th grade) meet on a weekly basis, working closely with their peers and adult advisers on skill and character-building activities, as well as planning and organizing projects with an emphasis on community service, and goal-setting

What teens get from Leadership Club:

  • Confidence
  • Volunteer service hours for school, honor society, etc.
  • Strong sense of self and purpose
  • Resiliency and emotional maturity
  • College recommendations
  • A network of friends they’ll have for life
  • Exposure to diverse groups, backgrounds, cultures, and ideas
  • Caring adult role models both regionally and their home club advisor

Many YMCA’s often hire their Leaders Club teens as sports instructors, swim instructors, lifeguards, camp counselors and childcare staff.

  • First and Third Monday of the month
  • 6:00-7:00 pm
  • Meet by Pavilion
  • Free with a Family Membership or Youth Membership


  • T-ball league
  • Wiffle Ball league
  • Adult Kickball