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The 6th Annual LiveSTRONG Live Fun Luncheon

November 25, 2019

Our 6th annual LiveSTRONG Live Fun luncheon was held on November 20th at the Holiday Inn of Saratoga Springs. Guests of the wonderfully attended event enjoyed a wine pull, an assortment of prizes donated by several local businesses and community members, music performed by Amanda Bywater, and Tarot card reading by Mary Shimp.

Shannon Fogarty, LiveSTRONG at the YMCA alumni, spoke about his journey with cancer and how the program helped him to grow in mind body and spirit. Pierre Zimmerman, MS, of One Roof; presented “Cancer with an Attitude”; and led the guests through guided mediation.

Rob Haren, Chair and Rilla Schulte, co-chair; along with other committee members and Saratoga Regional YMCA staff devoted a gracious amount of time and passion making the event an incredible success. The LiveSTRONG Committee would like to say a special thank you to our Sponsors.  Kweilyn Taylor, Mike & Rilla Schulte, Robert Haren & David Bassani, Sue Ward and Lisa Pleban, Gene Salerni, TCT Federal Credit Union, Blue Shield of Northeastern New York, Cudney’s Launders and Dry Cleaners, Cindy Swadba and Joyce Elliott, and CSEA.