Financial Assistance Is Available

The Saratoga Regional YMCA provides financial assistance for children, teens, adults and families who cannot afford the full cost of a Y membership or programs.

Financial assistance is awarded on a sliding fee scale and can be applied to a portion of the cost of a membership or program. Applicants may be asked to pay a portion of fees based on where they fall on the scale. Financial assistance determinations are based on household gross income and household size. Extenuating circumstances may be considered. For more information, contact Jenny Killian at

Please fill out the form below or fill out the financial assistance application to see if financial assistance may be available to you. After completing the form, you will receive an email within 3 days with further information on how to complete the application process.  Verification of income will be required to confirm need.


Note: The financial assistance calculator below is an estimate to give you an idea of what you may be eligible for.  The final decision depends on all information being verified.  The aid percentage shown below may not apply to childcare, preschool and/or summer camp.

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General Information

First Name
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Monthly Income Information

Please fill in your monthly household income as accurately as possible below. If you already know your total household monthly income, just put that number in the "Other" box.  Household income means the income received and/or earned by all adults in your home.

Use numbers only. No dollar signs ($), periods (.), commas (,) or letters. Thank you.
Number of Family Members
Monthly Wages, Salaries, Tips for you (before taxes) (gross income)
Monthly Wages, Salaries, Tips for your spouse and or other adult(s) (before taxes) (gross income)
Monthly Household Unemployment compensation you receive
Monthly Household Social Security compensation you receive
Monthly Household Child Support you receive
Other household monthly income you receive
(e.g. Food Stamps, Aid to Dependent Child, 401K, Alimony, etc).

Additional Information

Please inform us of any special circumstance that affects your income such as; recent unemployment, medical bills etc.

In order to calculate your potential assistance correctly, please ensure you used numbers only. No dollar signs ($), periods (.), commas (,) or letters. Thank you.

Monthly Income
Annual Income
Estimated Financial Assistance (%)