Wilton Branch

Group Fitness Classes

A middle aged woman holding a weight and working out in our Wilton branch Athletic Training Center.


The Athletic Training Center (ATC) is a semi private training space located within our Wilton Branch dedicated to making you move better, feel better, and be better.  In the ATC we will run  a variety of private and semi private personal training/coaching programs. The ATC Staff are passionate about helping you achieve your best and committed to getting and keeping you healthy. For more information regarding the following programs, please contact Marissa McGuirk at marissa.mcguirk@srymca.org 518-587-3000 ext. 166. All of the following programs will take place in the Athletic Training Center, unless otherwise noted.

Wilton Functional Fitness (18+ years)

Functional Fitness classes are movement based classes designed to challenge you both mentally and physically. Each class is 60 minutes long and will consist of a warm up, movement prep, movement (work out), and finally a cool down. All members must complete Y Fit Basics to participate in Y Fit Trainings.


Massage Therapy
We offer our members great massages at great prices, 7 days a week! Whether you are interested in Swedish, Sports, Deep Tissue, Chair, Shiatsu or many others, our Licensed Massage Therapists will create a session just for you. For more information, please contact a member service representative, or book your massage online!

Personal Training
This service provides one-on-one training with a certified instructor who can assess your current strength and flexibility levels and customize a program just for you. These workouts will incorporate free weights, dumbbells, ab exercises and much more.

Pre & Post Natal Yoga
Emphasizing self-awareness, relaxation and composure, it is the perfect preparation for pregnancy and childbirth. Movements, postures, breathing techniques, and relaxation included. Permission from your healthcare provider to practice yoga is required. Techniques are wonderful for both pre and post natal.

Private Yoga Lessons
Working individually with one of our certified yoga instructors allows you to learn and practice your yoga program at your own pace and within your own range. Each session is designed to accommodate your specific requests, concerns and limitations.

Yoga For Arthritis
Reduce your RA pain, increase flexibility, improve function, and lower stress. Learn a series of individually modified yoga poses and movements through yoga mudras (gestures) and pranayama (breath work). No experience is necessary; sessions can be done from the comfort of a chair (no mat required).

Restorative Yoga
Join us for a 7-week session that uses yoga postures and pranayama to inhibit the body’s stress response, thus activating the body’s healing and repairing systems for optimal health. No experience necessary, but the willingness to pamper yourself is a must!

Pre & Post natal Yoga
Emphasizing self-awareness, relaxation and composure, this is the perfect preparation for pregnancy and childbirth. Movements, postures, breathing techniques, and relaxation included. Permission from your healthcare provider to practice yoga is required. Techniques are wonderful for both pre and post natal.

Rotational Power
This class is designed to teach you how to create power through your hips, stabilize through your trunk, and pass that force on to your racquet, bat, and club. This class will be led by a certified personal trainer and will include bands, Kettle Bells, and the TRX.

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