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Personal Training Wilton

male employee wearing blue shirt that says personal trainer on the back talking to smiling female member on treadmill

Whether you’re a beginner who may be intimidated by a new routine, an experienced athlete who isn't getting the results they want, someone who is recovering from injury or surgery, or someone who simply is looking to live a healthier life - we have a personal trainer for you! At the SRYMCA, all our Personal Trainers hold a nationally accredited certification with advanced education and experience across many disciplines. Let them guide you through a custom workout program that is tailored to meet your specific goals!

Call or stop by the Member Service desk to request a personal trainer today!

Individual Training Packages:

Number of Sessions 30 Minute 60 Minute
4 Sessions $148 $248
8 Sessions $272 $464
12 Sessions $384 $660

Partner Training Packages:

Number of Sessions 60 Minute
4 Sessions $364
8 Sessions $680
12 Sessions $984


For more information, please contact Aimee Wojtowecz at aimee.wojtowecz@srymca.org or 518-587-3000 ext. 247.