Tennis Program

The tennis program at the Saratoga Regional YMCA offers a wide range of opportunities for individuals of all ages to learn and play tennis.

Our indoor, temperature controlled tennis facility includes 8 tennis courts and is conveniently located at the Wilton branch of the SRYMCA.

We Offer:

  • Private Tennis Lessons
  • Junior Tennis Programming
  • Adult Tennis Programming
  • Co-Ed Adult Singles Tennis League *NEW*
  • Tennis Court Rentals

Meet Our Team 

Our accomplished team is available to answer your questions and discuss each program in greater detail.

Private Tennis Lessons 

We offer private, semi-private and group lessons for individuals of all ages and abilities. Private lessons range from $54 - $75 an hour.

For more information please contact Jed Murray at 518-587-3000, ext., 156 or email

To schedule a private lesson please call call 518-587-3000, ext. 152.

Junior Tennis Programming


We offer four base levels of player development ensuring players are grouped in appropriate training teams:

  • Level 1: U10
  • Level 2: Futures
  • Level 3: Challenger
  • Level 4: Tour

Each level offers two training paths based on the player’s goals:

  • Recreational - This path is for the student that has a recreational interest in learning and playing tennis. The player participates in 1 training class and 1 match play per week.
  • Competitive - This path is for the student that has an interest in playing tennis at a competitive level. The player participates in multiple training classes per week and 1 match play. 

Each level includes match play:

Our programming now includes match play for all levels and is an important part of our juniors’ development. Our match play motto is “Either you win or learn.” Actual match pressure and experiences teach many lessons and give context to our students’ clinics. Matches are divided by levels, starting with U10 Red Ball Rally league and Orange Ball 60’ courts to gain the basics of competitive play and fun. Full court, 45 minute, yellow ball matches play Friday nights with set scheduled start times.  All league scores are tracked.

Level 1: U10 Programming

A pathway of junior development that focuses on rally skills to encourage match play as quickly as possible while setting a foundation of safe biomechanics.  Use of modified courts, equipment, and balls get our students playing the game with pro level sophistication as encouraged by the newest USTA standards.  Match play offers structured, scheduled point play with weekly score tracking and after match coaching.  

Red Ball: 36’ courts and red ball training to develop basic striking and reception skills.

Orange Ball: 60’ courts and orange ball training offers higher bounce and speed, expanding the game on larger courts with faster ball while continuing to develop basic skills.

Green Ball: Full court and green ball training for students with developed striking and reception skills with faster ball and court coverage.

Level 2: Futures Level (Beginner/Intermediate)

The first level of yellow ball will train with both green and yellow as these players continue to work on fundamentals on a full court

Stage 1:

New to game players approximately 11-14 years old that have moderate growth through the green U10 program. 

Can rally at a slow pace and will continue to improve basic fundamentals in this 1.5 hour class.

Stage 2:

JV Players not in the starting line-up and players that have advanced growth through the U10 and Futures program. 

Can rally at a slow pace and will continue to improve basic fundamentals in this 1.5hour class.

Level 3: Challenger (Intermediate/Advanced)

Second level of player development focused on developing consistency and improving tactics in match play.

Stage 1:

JV starters and players who have grown through the Futures program and are training for tournaments. Can consistently rally, can successfully hit all basic shots. Focus on developing consistency and improving tactics in match play. 

Stage 2:

Varsity level players who are currently trying out or on a Varsity team.  Can consistently rally, as well as have ability to finish the point. Focus on developing all court game to prepare for varsity level tennis.

Level 4: Tour (Varsity, Singles, Starters)

Top level of junior development, focused on improving tactics, pattern play and competitive mindset.

Advanced Varsity players who have played Varsity level tennis consistently in starting singles line-up. Can play an all court game, have sound technique and the ability to win points with all of the basic shots. Focus on improving tactics, pattern play and competitive mindset.

For information on when these classes are offered view our program guide.

Adult Tennis Programming

Our Adult Tennis Program (ages 18+) strengthens the individual and reinforces the healthy, positive development of our members. Our association strives to bring members together, with our shared commitment to our community. We value caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility in all our programs.

Our program offers:

  • Tennis Instruction for beginner through advanced level
  • Tennis Blast, an hour long class of point play. A pro feeds the ball into play which controls the tempo of play to keep the intensity up. Players switch courts and play different opponents with different pros.
  • Co-Ed Adult Singles Tennis League 2.5-3.0 and 3.5- 4.0 *NEW: Play a 1.5 hour match and report scores for league ladder and prizes. Sign up for league and we will schedule your weekly matches, notify us on conflicts or replace with substitute. 

View our program guide for more information on our current offerings.

Court Rentals

Tennis courts are available to both members and non members (non members will be required to pay a guest fee in addition to the court rental fee).

To reserve a tennis court:

Members can reserve a court up to one week in advance. Please visit

Non Members can book a court on the day of play. Please call the Wilton branch at 518-587-3000.

For more information please contact Jed Murray at 518-587-3000, ext., 156 or email

Tennis Court Fees



Member/Non Member

Daily 5:00 am - 9:00 am $24/$24 & Guest fee
Monday-Friday 9:00 am - NOON $34/$34 & Guest fee
Monday-Friday NOON - 4:00 pm $28/$28 & Guest fee
Monday-Friday 4:00 pm - 9:00 pm $38/$38 & Guest fee
Monday-Friday 9:00 pm - CLOSE $28/$28 & Guest fee
Weekends AFTER 9:00 am $34/$34 & Guest fee
Ball Machine   $10/hour (court fees still apply)




Jed Murray, Director of Tennis, standing on the tennis court holding a racket.

Jed Murray, Director of Tennis
Jed was the Head Pro followed by General Manager at Sportime Tennis in Schenectady, NY where he managed a full facility of eight indoor courts and eight outdoor courts. During his nine years at Sportime Jed initiated summer tennis camps and multi-sport camps, which now serve hundreds of local children each year. Jed can be reached at 518-587-3000 ext. 156 or by email at


Alex Van Cott, Head Tennis Pro, standing on the tennis court holding a racket.

Alex Van Cott, Head Tennis Professional
Alex comes to us from Sportime Tennis in Schenectady, NY where he was the Master Tennis Professional. He played collegiality for Tulane University which at the time was ranked in the top 25 in the country. Alex was a top 25 recruit coming out of high school and has competed in numerous tournaments around the world. He can be reached at 518-587-3000 ext. 152 or


Anessa Leyva, Staff Tennis Pro, standing on the tennis court holding a racket.

Anessa Leyva, Staff Tennis Pro
Anessa is a 4-year scholarship player for the Siena Saints Women's Tennis Team and was ranked 53rd in her home state of Florida on Anessa can be reached at 518-587-3000 ext. 160 or