Build strength with eGym

The eGym strength training experience provides an easy to use, fun and motivating workout customized to your personal goals. The Saratoga Regional YMCA's Saratoga Springs branch is the only facility in the area with this cutting-edge experience available at a low monthly cost. 

eGYM Essential
$6/month per person
$15/month per family

eGYM Premium
$15/month per person
$45/month per family

Financial Assistance Is Available

Limited spots are available!

Feel empowered to reach your fitness goals

This new circuit of strength training machines provides a very efficient and versatile workout for all training objectives such as muscle building, muscle toning, athletic performance, general fitness and weight loss. Through regular measurements, the machines adapt your training weight automatically. You will always workout with the optimum resistance to achieve your goals.

Remove the guesswork with personalized automatic machine settings

After your eGym orientation, the machines will adjust to your setting automatically at every training session using a smart bracelet.

Keep your workouts on track with the Y app

Through the Y app, your training data is automatically synchronized with the strength training platform. Let your training plan be sent to your smartphone, check off exercises as you go and track every single training session inside or outside of the gym. 

Measure your progress with insightful analysis

Your training progress will be visible and will show your potential for improvement. Also, you can automatically collect data from external devices and apps such as FitBit, Runkeeper, and Strava for your training records and to incorporate this information in the training analysis. 

Have fun!

Increase your activity level with fun, motivating and intuitive workouts. Challenge yourself to lower your biological age. Discover muscle imbalances and watch as your strength builds.  Whatever your fitness goals, feel empowered to reach them. 

Get Started Today

  1. Schedule an eGym orientation appointment
    (at the Saratoga Springs branch member service desk) 
  2. Select the plan that best suits you and your goals 
  3. Download the free eGym Fitness App
  4. Check in with a personal trainer
  5. Refine your training methods
  6. See real results

Book an eGym Orientation Appointment

Get the eGym App

Track your workouts, see your progress, find out your bio-age and more on the eGym app for your mobile device.